Alice Tippit

Today on Maake, Chicago based artist Alice Tippit shares her work and thoughts on language, form, ambiguity and the role of the audience in experiencing work. Interview by Kaveri Raina and Jenn Smith. Link in profile! 

Rema Ghuloum

Today on Maake, LA-based artist Rema Ghuloum shares her work and thoughts on the unique ways in which people "see, absorb, and recall experience” and the appeal of the "imperfect, temporal, unrefined quality” of discarded materials. Interview by Lydia O’Reilly. Link in profile!

Sam Jaffe

Today on Maake, Chicago-based artist Sam Jaffe shares her work and thoughts "labor, ornamentation, femininity, and the fallibility of the human body" in an interview with Kaveri Raina and Katie Kirk. Link in profile! 

Melissa Brown

"Playing cards, lottery tickets, and paper money all contain universal symbolic languages. I’m fascinated by how these familiar, pictorial languages are used to tell stories and convey ideas about value, worth, potential, fantasy, and mood.” Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Melissa Brown shares her work, and thoughts on creating a single experience and atmospheric space by combining techniques and a range of materials, and how paper ephemera “come from a timeless, democratic canon of symbolism.” Interview by Emily Burns.

Nick Wilkinson

Today on Maake, San Luis Obispo-based artist Nick Wilkinson shares his work and thoughts on finding new life from discarded materials, balancing his interests in curatorial work with Left Field Gallery, his studio practice, and a rare plant nursery, as well as how running a gallery provides connections with artists outside of a big city. Interview by Emily Burns.

Katie Holden

Today on Maake, California-based artist Katie Holden investigates the overlap of digital and physical spaces in her work. Check out her interview to learn more about how she reproduces “aspects of digital display methods in physical space and vice versa in order to collapse perceptions that either method possess a greater impact or superiority.” Interview by Sidney Mullis.

Liz Nielsen

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based photographic artist Liz Nielsen shares her photograms and thoughts on her process, including handmade negatives, a wide array of light sources, and straddling the line between representation and abstraction.

Seldon Yuan

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Seldon Yuan shares his work and thoughts on visual poetry, eliciting reciprocal activation between form and content, how extensive research informs his material and technical choices and lots more. 

Caroline Wells Chandler

Today on Maake, New York City-based artist Caroline Wells Chandler shares his brightly colored hand-crocheted works, which explore notions of queerness and sexuality & the art historical canon; as well as thoughts on celebrating the generosity and kindness of fellow artists, building your own art family, drawing like yourself, vision quests at JoAnn Fabrics and so much more.

Yevgeniya Baras

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Yevgeniya Baras shares thoughts on the importance of labor in her paintings, translating a condensed moment to a large scale, and balancing her studio, teaching, and curatorial work with the artist-run gallery, Regina Rex in NYC. 

Dakota Gearhart

Today on Maake, Pacific Northwest-based artist Dakota Gearhart works between mediums to create immersive environments that reimagine the ways in which we move through out many possible futures. Whether it is making large, taxidermy rainbows out of donated bedsheets or apocalyptic, collapsing sunsets with yams, Gearhart gives form to what doesn’t exist to understand that there are options outside what does. Interview by Sidney Mullis.

Alex Paik

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Alex Paik shares his paper assemblages and large-scale installations, the influence of music and color in his work, and thoughts on maintaining a balance in his multifaceted roles in life, the studio, and with the artist-run gallery Tiger Strikes Asteroid in Bushwick, Philly and LA.



Todd Bienvenu

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based painter Todd Bienvenu shares his work and thoughts on the inherent freedom in oil painting, taking time to develop your work after grad school and learning to throw away the reference.

Ashely Peifer

Today on Maake, Minneapolis-based artist Ashely Peifer shares her work and thoughts on Lisa Frank, indulgence, and nostalgia’s ability to embellish our memories.

Kirstin Lamb

Today on Maake, Providence-based artist Kirstin Lamb shares her work and talks about the continued rearrangement of studio and domestic space, the re-imaging process, and her sincere love of objects, display and the handmade. Interview by Emily Burns.