Kayla Mattes

Today on Maake, Portland-based artist Kayla Mattes shares her work and the relationship between weaving and technology and the process of transcribing the vocabulary of digital visual arrangements within the woven grid. Interview by Emily Burns .

Amanda Martinez

Today on Maake, Queens-based artist Amanda Martinez shares her work and thoughts on sculpture feeling “made” versus “constructed” and comparing the results of the hand vs. device in her process.

Bonny Leibowitz

Today on Maake, Texas-based artist Bonny Leibowitz shares her work and thoughts on combining unexpected materials, and keeping problem-solving in the mix in the studio. 

Rachel Livedalen

Today on Maake, Texas-based artist Rachel Livedalen shares her thoughts on working with themes of gender and representations of femininity, images that have a complicated history, and combining silkscreen and digital prints. Interview by Sidney Mullis.

Sarah Bendix

Today on Maake, Colorado-based artist Sarah Bendix shares her work and talks about finding and implementing unusual materials; and themes including the passage of time, memory, and decision-making. Interview by Lydia O’Reilly. Link in Profile! 

Ryan Sarah Murphy

Today on Maake, NYC-based artist Ryan Sarah Murphy shares her work & thoughts on searching for color in found materials, the changing nature of books through the process of deconstruction, and a lovely quote from Martha Graham. 

Leah Guadagnoli

"At first I tried to hide my love for the eighties but then I thought, what the hell, there is a reason why I respond so strongly to this aesthetic. It is unapologetic.” Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Leah Guadagnoli shares her love of kitsch, wonderfully-tacky patterns, and how her work uses the platform of the wall and the parameters of painting as allusions to communal space and structure that is anything but utilitarian.

Angela Heisch

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based painter Angela Heisch shares her work, drawing with paint, and the importance of maintaining concentration and proximity with the work while working intuitively. 


Lindsey Landfried

“I’m interested in the way the singularity of the act can slip so quickly from being strictly labor, to a state of flow, and then on to rote repetition.” Today on Maake, State College-based artist Lindsey Landfried shares her large-scale works on paper, thoughts on her process, and the potential for slowness to feel radical. Interview by Aaron Ziolkowski. 

Dan Lam

Today on Maake, Texas-based artist Dan Lam shares her work and interest in attraction vs. repulsion, beauty, excess, and how her materials allow for both control and flexibility. Interview by Lydia O’Reilly.

Jay Gaskill

Jay Gaskill

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Jay Gaskill @jaygaskill on achieving “lived” color relationships in his work, the influence of music on his practice, the valuable experience of working for an artist, and his exciting upcoming move to Portland, Oregon.

Julia Fernandez-Pol

Julia Fernandez-Pol

"Mistakes are always welcome, itʼs important for me to seek them out, they change the rules I may have set up, forcing me to think differently.” Today on Maake, artist Julia Fernandez-Pol shares her layered abstract paintings, thoughts on her intuitive process, and the intersection between science, art and beauty in her work. Interview by Lydia O’Reilly.

Jessica Simorte

Today on Maake, Texas-based artist Jessica Simorte shares her work and thoughts on spatial experience, how the phenomenology of space and place is a significant and inescapable part of human experience, and how trusting intuition and evaluating later is an integral part of her process. Interview by Emily Burns.

Diana Behl

Today on Maake, South Dakota-based artist Diana Behl discusses her process, which includes both chance and deliberate organization, using paper as a primary medium, the trial-and-error nature of collage, and life as an artist in a rural environment. Interview by Emily Burns.

Erin Washington

Today on Maake, Chicago-based artist Erin Washington shares her work and discusses repetition as a form of meditation, getting both lost and held in that repetition, and her natural compulsion to draw. Interview by Kaveri Raina.

Sb Fuller

Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Sb Fuller gives us a detailed account of his latest project that includes a deep-sea dive, film studio installation, gallery exhibition, and, now, book publication. Check out Fuller's interview to read how the flow of water outlines political current in this multi-tiered venture. Interview by Sidney Mullis.

Janine Biunno

Snowed in? Check out this stellar interview with Brooklyn-based artist Janine Biunno as she discusses the increasing influence of the digital realm, iconographic architecture and structures in her work, and her interest in making books and zines. 

Karen Lederer

"My paintings portray attempts at intimacy such as plants reaching out for contact, Cheetos dust pollinating tablecloths, and a hand touching a fish through glass.” Today on Maake, Brooklyn-based artist Karen Lederer talks about how her process combines printmaking and painting to convey a spatial disorientation that denies stability, referencing digital sensation in her work, and Instagram photos as source material. 

Millee Tibbs

"The world is big—photographs are small. When we photograph a landscape, we shrink it to fit onto the paper or into the screen. It also becomes metaphorically smaller—a souvenir that can be carried away. Repeatedly framing and decontextualizing these places through photography increases their aesthetic appeal, but diminishes the complexity of their historic meaning.” Today on Maake, Detroit-based photographer Millee Tibbs shares her work and discusses her interest in inherent cliché, how she was seduced by the landscape of the American West, and and how the act of photographing defines our experiences.