Audrey Bell

Today on Maake, NC artist Audrey Bell talks about incorporating history, everyday things, and objects as artifacts into her portraiture, the technical aspects of construction, and most importantly, popcorn. 

Rives Wiley

"The media and Internet impersonate real life, people in real life impersonate what they see on the screen, and then those people's characters are edited back onto the screen. I'm curious about where this cycle leads us in terms of communicating." Check out DC-based artist Rives Wiley who creates painted scenes that are a blend of the real, surreal, and virtual. Interview by Sidney Mullis

Casey Gray

"With the current speed of content production and consumption, it becomes very interesting to explore this conceptual space perceived from the overlap of virtual and physical platforms.” Today on Maake, San Francisco artist Casey Gray talks about the interface between the real and the digital, negotiating flatness and texture in his multi-layered paintings, and his thoughts on the correlation between digital drawing and spray paint.

Denise Treizman

"The work does not want to stay still and has the potential to infinitely become something else." Today on Maake, NYC-based artist Denise Treizman discusses her assemblages and installations made of publicly abandoned objects found on city sidewalks. Interview by Sidney Mullis.

Emily Culver

The haptic enjoyment the work brings is so gratifying to witness and the awkward conversations that surface are full of content that is sometimes so surprising to me." Today on Maake, artist and jeweler Emily Culver discusses her wearable objects that provide sensory stimuli, such as a tickle that results in an itch or suction that leaves a light bruise. Interview by Sidney Mullis.



Andrew Cortes

Today on Maake, LA-based artist Andrew Cortes discusses the language of patterns and repetition and referencing scientific theories in his work, and his experience as an artist in New York and Los Angeles.

Raymie Iadevaia

"Collage for me is a kind of nexus of my practice, putting disparate entities together in order to make them clash, reverberate, resonate, scream, shout, sing, laugh, chuckle, or otherwise create a cacophony of materiality." Today on Maake, California artist Raymie Iadevaia on his process, the importance of drawing, and getting as much time in the studio as possible. 

Boris Ostrerov

"In the past I was trying to break out of the rectangle, maybe stemming from the attitude of going beyond, being excessive, overflowing, thinking about or experiencing suppression and not being able to contain desires, thoughts, or emotions within the body.” Today on Maake, Chicago-based artist Boris Ostrerov @kick2net talks about the physicality and materiality of his work through the lens of the history of painting and the importance of the body in relation to the action of squeezing (a lot of) paint from the tube.

Jaime Angelopoulos

Today on Maake, Toronto-based artist Jaime Angelopoulos discusses initiating conversations with her work, the role of abstraction in talking about our contemporary experience, and how intuitive images and the writing of poems and anecdotes play an important part in her process.

Tyler Scheidt

Today on Maake, Bay-area artist Tyler Scheidt on working smarter, not harder in the studio, and giving yourself a problem to solve when experiencing artist’s block.

Roberta Gentry

Today on Maake, artist Roberta Gentry discusses working as part of a curatorial team, welcoming limitations as constructive challenges, and how bad  timing can negatively affect an artist statement. #painting #robertagentry #maakemag

Gulsah Mursaloglu

Today on Maake, Chicago-based artist Gulsah Mursaloglu on taking steps to create opportunities for dialogue and community after grad school (Reading group, anyone?), Chicago’s artist-friendly atmosphere, and the practice of looking, thinking and searching in the studio. This lovely interview is by @verykaveri and you can find the link in our profile. 

Helen Otterson

Today on Maake, artist Helen Otterson on combining clay, glass and bronze to create her biomorphic sculptural forms and how planning is an essential part of her studio practice. 

Andrea Marie Breiling at Galleri Urbane

Andrea Marie Breiling opened her exhibition of new work, Marfa Paintings at Galleri Urbane this weekend. Stay tuned for Issue Two of Maake Magazine and a feature about the exhibition and the new work that came from Andrea's residency this summer in Marfa, Texas. We are excited to share her process and experience in Marfa preparing for the show!


Haylee Bolinger

Today on Maake Magazine, LA-based artist, Haylee Bolinger discusses the awkwardness of becoming sexually aware in her sculptural work. Read her interview to find out about her new gallery space Carlos Queso and how sexual euphemisms continue to skirt perpetuating taboos.

Andrea Marie Breiling

Today on Maake, LA artist Andrea Marie Breiling shares thoughts on her recent experience at a residency in Marfa Texas, preparing for her upcoming solo show at Galleri Urbane this fall, and wonders what Elaine De Kooning would post if she had Instagram. 

Gabrielle Roth

Today on Maake Magazine, Brooklyn-based artist Gabrielle Roth responds in her online interview that “it is nearly impossible to be making art, let alone surviving, right now without being affected by the construction of gender.” Check out how this interdisciplinary artist integrates the musical R&B group TLC, Greek mythos, and Tupperware to unpack connections between contemporary culture and antiquity via a feminist lens.

Lauren Rice

Today on Maake Magazine, Richmond-based artist Lauren Rice discusses how her work stems from imagining a world where today’s glut of images have become functionless artifacts. Read her interview and check out her work to understand how a time in Detroit’s abandoned landscape greatly affected her practice to speak toward distorting datedness, obsolescence, ephemera, and deterioration.

Dana Lynn Harper

Today on Maake, Columbus-based artist Dana Lynn Harper on sketching with materials, the process of becoming uninhabited in the studio, using Instagram to find community and dialogue after grad school, and the importance of writing in facing your artistic practice head on.